Computational Psychiatry Course 2016

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This 5-day course is designed to provide students with the necessary toolkit to master challenges in computational psychiatry research.

We want this course to be practically useful for students (Master, PhD, Postdoc) who would like to apply modeling techniques to study learning, decision-making or brain physiology in patients with psychiatric disorders. The course will teach not only the theory of computational modeling, but also demonstrate open source software in application to example data sets.



  • Date: 29th August – 2nd September 2016
  • Registration open: May 2016
  • Registration closes: 15th August 2016
  • Designed for: Master Students, PhDs, PostDocs
  • ECTS Points: 2
  • Course Fee: 500 CHF (UZH & ETH students: free)
  • Requirements: Basic programming skills (e.g. Matlab or Python)


Eduardo Aponte

Dominik Bach

Rafal Bogacz

Huang Crane

Jean Daunizeau

Nathaniel Daw

Hanneke den Ouden

Karl Friston

Helene Haker-Rössler                                                   

Jakob Heinzle

Quentin Huys

Christoph Mathys

Janaina Miranda

Read Montague

Rosalyn Moran

Saee Paliwal

Martin Paulus

Frederike Petzschner

Lionel Rigoux

Katharina Schmack

Dario Schöbi

Philipp Schwartenbeck

Sudhir Shankar

Klaas Enno Stephan

Lilian Weber


Dr. Frederike Petzschner

Prof. Dr. Klaas Enno Stephan

Silvia Princz

Gina Paolini