Congratulations to Stefan Frässle for having been chosen for the Best Dissertation award of the Philipps University Marburg. [more]
Quentin Huys is awarded the Götz Award by the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich, in recognition of his work on decision-making: https://www.... [more]
Andreea Diaconescu has been selected for an Ambizione grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation: [more]
“Forscher der Universität und der ETH Zürich versuchen, psychische Krankheiten wie Depression mit Datenanalyse besser zu verstehen. Neuromodeling... [more]
Frederike Petzschner: Harnessing your Sixth Sense [more]
Brain scans suggest that certain personality types are wired to have better memories [more]

TEDx Zurich

Andreea Diaconescu: “Theory of Mind” through the Lens of Algorithms" [more]