This course is organized by the Translational Neuromodeling Unit (TNU) , University of Zurich & ETH Zurich and is designed to provide students across fields (neuroscience, psychiatry, physics, biology, psychology....) with the necessary toolkit to master challenges in computational psychiatry research.

The CPC Zurich is meant to be practically useful for students at all levels (MDs, Master, PhD, Postdoc, PI) coming from diverse backgrounds (neuroscience, psychology, medicine, engineering, physics, etc.), who would like to apply modeling techniques to study learning, decision-making or brain physiology in patients with psychiatric disorders. The course will teach not only the theory of computational modeling, but also demonstrate software in application to example data sets.

We strongly believe in open source and open science, therefore, the content of the course will be made freely accessible on the web.

Pre-requisites: The course is split into several parts. Starting with an introduction to Psychiatry, then three days that will cover computational methods in detail and a final day on concrete applications. Some background knowledge in statistics and computational methods is needed to master the more technical parts (day 2-4). If you lack this background it is recommended that you prepare for this course. Here is a list of introductory resources to get you started.

You can find detailed information on the current course on our website or follow us on mastodon and facebook.