CNC (Computational Neuroimaging Clinic)


Do you have a problem with statistical analysis or computational modeling of neuroimaging data?


I am often asked for help with statistical analyses or computational modeling of neuroimaging or behavioural data. While I am very happy to help, please forgive that I cannot usually meet bilaterally to discuss each of these problems separately. Instead, you are very welcome to present your problem at our weekly Computational Neuroimaging Clinic (CNC) in which we try to solve any problems with neuroimaging data analysis that are brought up. This is an open and public forum that takes place at the TNU every Wednesday, 10 am - 11:45 am (also during the semester breaks). You can either show up spontaneously or ask for a time slot in advance (in multiples of 1/2 hours per problem). If you would like to present your problem, please request a time slot using our online registration form below.

Klaas Enno Stephan