Inês Borges Pereira

Doctoral Student


Translational Neuromodeling Unit
Institute for Biomedical Engineering
University of Zurich and ETH Zurich
Inês Borges Pereira
Wilfriedstrasse 6
8032 Zurich

Personal webpage:
Twitter: @nespereira_

Education & Clinical experience

  • Medical degree @NOVA Medical School, Lisbon, Portugal [2010-2016]
  • Neurology resident @MEDIAN Klinik Berlin Kladow, Berlin, Germany [2016-2018]
  • Master's degree in Neural Systems and Computation @UZH & ETH Zurich, Switzerland [2018-2019]
  • Doctoral studies @UZH & ETH Zurich, Switzerland [2020-ongoing]


Selected publications

  • Matthias Müller-Schrader, Jakob Heinzle, Alfred Müller, Christian Lanz, Oliver Häussler, Martin Sutter, Andreas Eggspühler, Stefania Mare, Birte Toussaint, Inês Pereira, Frederike H Petzschner, Katja Wiech, Jürgen Barth, Claudia M Witt, Klaas Enno Stephan, Zina-Mary Manjaly, "Individual treatment expectations predict clinical outcome after lumbar injections against low back pain", Pain (2022). [PDF]
  • Stefan Frässle, Eduardo A Aponte, Saskia Bollmann, Kay H Brodersen, Cao T Do, Olivia K Harrison, Samuel J Harrison, Jakob Heinzle, Sandra Iglesias, Lars Kasper, Ekaterina I Lomakina, Christoph Mathys, Matthias Müller-Schrader, Inês Pereira, Frederike H Petzschner, Sudhir Raman, Dario Schöbi, Birte Toussaint, Lilian A Weber, Yu Yao, Klaas E Stephan, "TAPAS: an open-source software package for Translational Neuromodeling and Computational Psychiatry", Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12 (2021). [PDF]
  • Inês Pereira, Stefan Frässle, Jakob Heinzle, Dario Schöbi, Cao Tri Do, Moritz Gruber, Klaas E Stephan, "Conductance-based Dynamic Causal Modeling: A mathematical review of its application to cross-power spectral densities", NeuroImage, 245 (2021). [PDF]