Computational Psychiatry & Computational Psychosomatics Seminar

The Computational Psychiatry and Computational Psychosomatics Seminar (CPS) provides a forum for discussing the development of clinically relevant computational tools and/or their applications to psychiatry and psychosomatics. This seminar is intended to be complementary to the annual Computational Psychiatry Course (CPC), by TNU Zurich and intends to build bridges between computational scientists and clinicians. To this end, it invites both clinicians and modelers and is designed to foster in-depth exchange, with ample time for discussion.


This seminar takes place on Wednesdays, 4.15 pm – 5.45 pm, to be held online

Contact: cpseminar (at)


Seminar Program

Date Presenter Topic Literature
14.10.2020  Philip Corlett
Yale University
Paranoia and Belief Updating: Can computation unite the bio-, psycho-, and social in psychiatry?


21.10.2020 Thomas Wolfers
University of Oslo
From biological towards precision psychiatry

paper 1
paper 2

04.11.2020 Sarah Garfinkel
University of Sussex
Dissecting Dimensions of Interoception
25.11.2020 Marion  Rouault
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris

Global Self-Beliefs and
Mental Health Symptom Dimensions

paper 1
paper 2

16.12.2020 Kai Ueltzhöffer
University of Heidelberg

Bayesian & Stochastic
Dynamical Systems perspectives
in Computational Psychiatry



For more information on the exam, please consult the UZH or the ETH course catalogue. If you would like to attend, please register via ETH mystudies.