Zurich 2016 SPM Course for fMRI

Thank you all for a wonderful 10th Zurich SPM course!

The talks and tutorials offered during the course can be accessed in the list below:


Basic Course

BOLD Physiology (Jakob Heinzle)

Pre-processing (Lars Kasper)

The General Linear Model for fMRI analyses & Tutorial (Frederike Petzschner)

Statistical inference and design efficiency (Andreea Diaconescu)

Multiple comparison correction in SPMs (Justin Chumbley)

Experimental design (Sandra Iglesias)

Event-related fMRI (Christian Ruff)

“Resting state” fMRI (David Cole)

Advanced Course

Group analyses & Tutorial (Guillaume Flandin)

Advanced issues in fMRI statistics & Tutorial (Tom Nichols)

Voxel-based morphometry (Ged Ridgway)

Multivariate analyses (Sudhir Raman)

Bayesian inference and model selection (Jean Daunizeau)

Computational models for fMRI analyses (Christoph Mathys)

Basics of DCM (Hanneke den Ouden)

Advanced DCM for fMRI (Rosalyn Moran)